Simple dry mortar mixer machine
Use:chemical industry compound fertilizerd rubber building materials refractory materials clastic glass and new material
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The dry mortar mixer for mixing cement and sand suits for solidification of solid particle mixing and wet granulation,drying,crushing the concentration of composite material are mixed,widely used in chemical raw materials,paint,pharmaceutical raw materials,feed production.
Application :
The dry powder mixing machinery is a new type of high efficient mixing equipment , It is widely used in chemical industry, compound fertilizer,dyestuff,pigment,rubber,building materials,refractory materials, clastic glass and new material,such as solid -
solid(powder and power),solid-liquid(powder and liquid) material mixing.

Working principle
Dry mixing machine designed into three layers inside and outside the spiral blades. When the machine work, inside and outside spiral turning, Internal screw drives the material near the axis to do the axis of rotation, steering on both sides to promote from within,the material being into the wall; The outside screw drive the material close to the wall do the axis of rotation, axial by both sides to promote, the material being into the internal gathered together, and make the ribbon agitator maximum range of turning in cylinder body , materials in the barrel convective circulation, shear mixing, complete material fast mixing in a short time.

1. adopt the screw conveyor to outtake the material, delivery speed is fast.
2. the way to connect material is flexible, Valve pocket and open pockets all can use.
3. save the purchase cost of users.
4. small investment,quick effect, apply to an individual or a small factory.

Technical parameters :

Model Capacity(kg/batch) Main power(kw) Inner Volume (L) Drum size (D*L mm)
TC-300 300 2.2 450 680*1250
TC-500 500 5.5 850 800*1670
TC-1000 1000 7.5 1800 1050*1880
TC-1500 1500 11 2200 1150*2100
TC-2000 2000 18.5 3500 1350*2400

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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