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Battery recycling machine

Application:soft package battery cellphone battery shell battery cylindrical battery etc


Battery Recycling Plant  electric vehicle lithium battery and lithium battery anode and cathode plate have certain recycling value significance.Recycling these batteries can not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste batteries, but also bring significant social and environmental benefits. Moreover, it can realize the full recycling and utilization of valuable components in waste lithium ion batteries, thus generating huge economic effects. 


The Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Machine is used for dismantling and recycling the soft package battery, cellphone battery, shell battery, cylindrical battery etc. Different types of lithium batteries have different recycling procedures.


The final products of Battery Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Machine is graphite powder, cobalt acid lithium,aluminum and copper.


Battery recycling machine can separate the base metals and graphite powder from the battery by mechanical method. The whole scrap lithium battery recycling plant process is totally dry and eco-friendly.
The pretreatment process of lithium battery recycling machine mainly comprises the following steps: after discharging the recovered waste batteries, crushing, magnetic separation, air separation, crushing, gravity separation, screening and other processes are carried out by mechanical equipment.

Technical parameter

Model Capacity
TCLD-500 300-500kg/h
TCLD-800 800kg/h
TCLD-1000 1000kg/h
TCLD-1500 1500kg/h

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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