This hose type pump was designed based on the squeeze hose pump, this pump uses high pressure, resisting wear squeeze concrete hose with steel wire reinforcement layers, the working pressure is up to 25 bars.   The structure is novel and simple, easy to use: high pressure, high efficiency and wide application. It can pump high concentration and high viscosity materials such as mortar, cement slurry and pulp More widely used for pumping foam concrete, light weight form concrete, mortar and refractory materials.. It is an ideal equipment for grouting in mine shafts, iron road tunnels, hydropower projects, rock and soil slopes, underground works, subways and municipal construction, as well as blast furnace spray repair and building wall spraying in steel and chemical industry.



1.Architecture: mortar, plaster, cement paste, soil slurry, silt slurry, lime slurry, foamed concrete, architectural coating, refractory,accelerator,ooze,waste water,sewage... 
2.Chemical: corrosive,acid,alkali,phosphate liquid,inorganic materials,crystalline liquid,suspending liquid,emulsion,resin,electroplate liquid,electrolyte solution,precipitate ...
3.Agriculture: phosphate fertilizer,compound fertilizers,thick slurry, precipitated sludge...
4.Mining: gold pulp,tailings,thick pulp,filling materials,underground drainage,adsorbent,slurry, mortar...
5.Oil industry: drilling fluid,crude oil...
6.Ceramic industry: ceramic germ plasma, slip glaze, glaze materials...
7.Paper industry: paper pulp, liquid sulfur...
8.Cosmetics industry: toothpaste, emulsion, hair conditioner, face cream, facial oil...
9.Food and Beverage: oil, brew, milk, confiture, salad, syrup, chocolate...
10.Others: pharmaceutical liquid,radioactive liquid,textile auxiliary,adhesion agent,glue,latex...


1) Unique structure with no sealing element, no leakage, no pollution;
2) Advanced rolling technology adopted, no need of lubrication for roller;
3) High suction ability, self-cleaning ability, sucking materials in two directions;
4) Simple hose installation, simple operation, easy to assemble and maintain, lower maintenance cost;
5) Linear regulation of flow rate, limited, measuring ability;
6) No block when pumping fluid with high viscosity and foreign substance contained;
7) Long service life;
8) High delivery lift and output pressure.

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity(m3/h) Power(kw) Pressure(Mpa)
TCHP10 1 1.5 1
TCHP20 2.5 2.2 1
TCHP40 6 4 1
TCHP65 15 4-5.5 0.8
TCHP75 28 7.5-11 0.8
TCHP100 50 11-15 0.8

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.


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