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Ton bag packing/filling machine

Packing range:500-2000kg


We have two model packing machine . 
1.Ton bag packing machine. packing range:500-3000kg  
2. Smaller bag packing machine . Packging rang 10-100kg


Ton bag packing machine


This 1 ton bag filling machine, , is special for 500~2000kg level quantitative packaging field. it's suitable for many materials such as feed, rice, flour, starch, cassava flour, grains, cereals, beans, pulses, bird seeds, ore, mineral powder, seeds, plastic pellets, wood pellet, animal feeds, cat litter, sand, grains, wood pellets, chemical powder, maize meal, bean starch, tapicco starch, pulses, animal food, cement sand mix, ore fine powder, pvc powder, copper powder, etc.

Technical Parameters

Name Ton Bag Packing Machine
Model TCTP-1
Packing Speed 10-30bags/h
Measuring Ability 500-2000kg
Measurement Accuracy 0.2%
Power 3kw
Weight(KG) 1500-2500

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

10-100kg packing machine

Technical Parameters

Name Bag Packing Machine
Model TCBP-25
Packing Speed 200-300bags/h
Measuring Ability 5-100kg
Measurement Accuracy 0.2%
Power 1.1kw
Weight(KG) 400

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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