Water mist spray cannon machine dust removal equipment with range far, large covering area, ability is strong, the efficiency high, spray speed characteristics. It can effectively control work, building construction, dust pollution and improve air quality, preventing industrial pollution, to promote production safety, ensure worker health. It also play an important role in maintain the ecological environment .


Specially used for urban development zone construction land, demolition site, station storage coal yard, coal washing plant, coking plant, iron ore plant, port and other blowing sand control. The main function is spray dust suppression, and the function of sprinkler and road flushing can effectively inhibit the production of dust.

1. Strong capability, high & far throw range, wide coverage area, high efficiency spray speed.
2. Micro fog droplet, form wet mist touching the floating dust, high speed knock down the dust.
3. Flexible power: three-phase 380V and diesel generator power supply optional.
4. Fixed on the concrete platform or diesel generator-powered vehicles optional.
5. Flexible, safe & reliable to use. Remove control & manual control operation. 
6. Compare to tank car, water consumption save 70% ~80%, wide coverage area.

Technical Parameters
Model TC-30 TC-50 TC-80 TC-100
Horizontal spray rang 20-30m 40-50m 70-80m 90-100m
Power(kw) 7.5 15 18.5 37
Fog size 20-200um 20-200um 20-200um 20-200um
Flow 30-40L/min 40-50L/min 50-100L/min 100-120L/min
Pressure 2-4Mpa 2-4Mpa 2-4Mpa 2-4Mpa
Horizontal angel 0-360 0-360 0-360 0-360

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.


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