Coffee roaster is a special equipment to dry and roast coffee bean, mung bean/green gram, soybean and other small grain foods. The machine adopts intelligent electronic digital temperature control device to control the temperature automatically, and the roasted material can be evenly heated. According to the different ways of heating ways, the machines are divided into two categories: electric heating and gas heating. It is adopted the DDK speed regulation motor to keep the unique taste when baking; Advanced bilingual PLC control panel and large window operation is generous beautiful and easy use; it is equipped with the USB data line to connect the computer


Our coffee roaster with advance technologies, elegant designed and attractive price. Comply with most food and health safety regulations.The drum is made with double layer heat resistant stainless steel for even heating.The drum also rapid heats and rapid cools for optimal roasting control. This kind coffee roaster is suitable for  Individual lovers, the office, western-style restaurant coffee house, coffee sales, coffee roasting plant laboratory and so on. This kind coffee roaster is suitable for  Individual lovers, the office, western-style restaurant coffee house, coffee sales, coffee roasting plant laboratory and so on. 

Feature :

1. The ingenious design, elegant shape, structure.
2. Using high quality imported materials, precision laser cutting technology, 
welding technology.
3. The unique design of roasting roller, interactive control technology and even baking
4. Adopts direct fire and hot baking method, retain the aroma of coffee beans.
5. Suction type cooling fan, the unique cooling system, rapidly cooling baked beans,
retain the coffee bean flavor
6. Advanced temperature control technology, precise temperature control instrument.
7. 45°refractory glass observation window is convenient for baking degree observation.
8. Small and light sampling spoon is convenient to control the roasting degree of coffee beans in the baking room.
9 Digital temperature control table, industrial-grade temperature curve
output software applications.
10. Manoeuvrable baking furnace roll, half-vane hot wind fan dissociation regulator.
11. Excellent oven heat preservation technology, accurate to 0.1 kpa pressure adjustment.
12. High temperature resistant wire,reliable safety characteristic.
Accurate temperature sensing, there is also alarm set function. There are three modes: light baking, medium baking and heavy baking.
13.Special PID heating mouth, stable and adjustable frame, complete burning, save 
14.The high temperature window can check the coffee bean anytime. 
15.Cooling system, which can cool quickly to assure the quality of roasted coffee 
16.The machine is made of stainless steel, which can be heated evenly. 
Special stainless steel drum, heat fast, even heating, in line with food hygiene and 
safety. Baking and cooling separation, continuous baking operations.
17. Fuse and leakage protector on application.and LED deluxe Lamp.

Technical parameters

Model Capacity Roast time Heating type
TCCR-1 1 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas
TCCR-2 2 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas
TCCR-3 3 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas
TCCR-6 6 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas
TCCR-12 12 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas
TCCR-20 20 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas
TCCR-30 30 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas
TCCR-60 60 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas
TCCR-120 120 kg/batch 12-15mins Electricity/Gas

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.



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