metal scrap briquette press machine

Application:Cast iron aluminum copper steel brass zinc bronzetitanium and magnesium

Final block shape: cube circle or custimized

This is a complete and automatic briquetting production line for making briquettes, All machines of this briquetting production line are our new type with high efficiency. Compared with old type, the new type machines are upgraded in many aspects, including the electric motor, moulds, hydraulic pressure system, electric control system, etc.


Press Material:
Cast iron, aluminum, copper, steel, brass, zinc, bronze,titanium and magnesium, they are also suitable for treating a variety of other machining scraps.



1.The high pressure reached in the compression chamber allows creating high density briquettes.
2.Besides drastically reducing the volume of the machining chips, remove cutting fluids and create briquettes that.
3.In most cases,Briquettes can be placed directly in smelting furnaces.
4.This results in substantial economic benefits for companies that generate the scraps, companies that recycle metal scraps, and for foundries that process the scraps.
5.There are a large number of environmental benefits resulting from the briquetting process.


Technical parameter


Nomal pressure

Block size



TCPS-200 2000KN80-100mm 11 4-5
TCPS-300 3000KN100-130mm 15-22 4-5
TCPS-400 4000KN110-150mm 22-30 4-5
TCPS-500 5000KN120-160mm 30 4-5
TCPS-630 6300KN130-200mm 30-37 4-5
TCPS-800 8000KN150-240mm 67 4-5
TCPS-1000 10000KN200-340mm 90 4-5


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