Salt/Mineral Block Press Machine

Use for :Animal feed block, salt block , Mineral block.
Final block weight : 2kg 3kg 5kg 10kg 20kg and others

The salt/Mineral block press machine is a kind of feed with nutrients required by cattle and sheep. The shape of the bricks is different, some are cylindrical, some are square, most of them has a hole is in the middle of the brick to be fixed. Our finished product brick made of high-pressure press are with high density and hardness, which can adapt to a variety of extreme climatic conditions.We have 2kg 3kg 5kg 10kg 20kg 30kg salt/Mineral block press machine


Animal Salt Block Press Machine is not only applied to herbivore livestock such as cows, beef cattle, sheep, goats, and deer, but also for sawdust of steel, iron, aluminum, brass, tea brick,tablet, metal processing etc.Most customers use it for animal feeding.
The mold shapes are various for optional, like square, round.It can make different logo and colors by customers’ requirements.


The Salt Block Press Machine is composed of upper middle and lower cross beams, hydraulic master cylinder assembly, jacking floating cylinder, core pulling cylinder, feeding cylinder, rear feeding belt, high precision mold base and mold, liquid filling system and so on.
1.The upper middle and lower beams are connected by columns and nuts.
2.The high-precision formwork is mounted on the lower beam. The four guide columns and two guide columns and the jack-up floating cylinder and the lower beam are connected to form a high-precision pressing structure. The mold is fixed on the upper mold base of the high-precision mold base.
3.The rear feeding belt is fixed behind the upper beam of the equipment, and the material is stored in the hopper above the feeding belt, and is fed by the equipment program timing to the below feeding hopper.
4.The liquid filling system is located on the side of the upper beam to supplement the oil required for the main cylinder.


1.Adopt the most advanced professional cartridge valve blocks, large flow path, save system pressure loss. Good seal performance, under long-term heavy load work condition , the system also won't appear insufficient phenomenon; Equipped with preliminary device, eliminate the hydraulic impact.
2.Use two-way floating pressure adding system, ensure the uniform density of blocks, make sure the high density of blocks; The block hole part adopt core pulling cylinder, make the hole edge smoothly and good looking.
3.Hydraulic cylinder are made of thick-wall seamless high strength alloy. In wall was honing by raw sandpaper and fine sandpaper by honing machine, ensure the cylinder in wall reach mirror surface, then make sure the good using performance.
4.Adopt PLC automatic control system, strong anti-interference ability and low failure rat. Miniature relay adopt Japanese omron electric equipment, ensure the safety of control system.
5.Adopt professional mould frame, use six guide pin to ensure accurate positioning, and equip mechanical position limitation, not only ensure the perfect outlook of pressed material also ensure the high quality.
6.Adopt advanced fast device, small calorific value, high productivity, durable and energy saving (around 3.5 per minutes)



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